Visuals for 2011 Tour and Feature Film

This show blended some of the visuals from "Further" with new and older pieces. As well as content creation there was a large amount of pixel mapping for the lights positioned behind the Stealth screen and animations were also developed for a huge LED sculpture which descended from the roof for part of the show.

'Don't Think' is a feature-length documentary shot at Fuji Rock festival, and was made to immerse the viewers in the show. The film had a worldwide cinema release and subsequent release on DVD and BluRay. It has also screened at film and music festivals around the world. It won Best Live Coverage at the 2012 VMA Awards.

Having been part of the team creating the video content and lighting animation for the tour, I was involved in 'Don't Think' from beginning to end, from prepping the content for the show, camera operator during the gig and seeing the post-production through to the final days.

'A concert movie with a difference, director Adam Smith captures The Chemical Brothers' live show in all its psychedelic splendor. Blistering, cinematic ecstasy.'
                      -Empire Magazine, *****

Director: Adam Smith
Production Company: Black Dog Films 
Producer: Lee Groombridge, Marcus Lyall
Executive Producer: Svana Gisla, Nick Dewey, Tony Crean, Stefan Demetriou, Robert Linney
Editors: Mark Whelan, Jono Griffith
Visual Effects: Jonny TV
Online Editor: Aislinn Clifford
Colourist: Tom Balkwill