1. Making Of: Metallica Visuals
    Clips from the live show and footage of it all coming together
  2. Metallica: Through The Never
    Film Trailer
Creative Director: Marcus Lyall
Executive Producer of Content: Marcia Kapustin
Screen Content Producer: Mark Logue
Show Director: Dan Braun
Production Design: Dan Braun, Mark Fisher
Lighting Design: John Broderick
Show Content Lead 2d Animators: Aislinn Clifford,  Jun Iwakawa
Show Content Lead 3d Animator: Joel Harrison
Show Content Lead Editor: Aislinn Clifford

As part of a team working with ML Studio and KPX Video, I was a lead animator and editor creating the video content for Metallica's 2012 Stadium Tour celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Black Album, and for the following Arena tour which was filmed in 3d for release in 2013.

The video for the stadium show was a mix a live action films and imag looks, whilst the arena tour included content for projections on 12 roll drop screens surrounding the stage, LED screens in the stage itself and 8 LED coffins that came down at points in the show.
Through The Never
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Black Album Anniversary Tour
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